Therapist. Yogi. Lightworker.

Gemma Andaya, MS, NCC, LCADC-S, LCPC

"I am not an expert in YOUR life. I simply help you quiet the fear and connect with your heart's wisdom." 

Am I speaking your language? 

Hello there!

I am a psychotherapist and what that means to me is that I have explored the depths of my own psyche - both shadow and light selves. I have been the pioneer in my own soul's search for healing and meaning and come back to report what I have found. I am versed in the intricate map of my own psyche and because we are all interconnected, I can translate some of what I have learned to others. 

I understand how pain, fear, and unresolved grief can cause psychic knots that prevent us from fully expressing our authentic selves. It takes up a lot of energy to guard and be on the defensive which is often the result of a closed off heart that has been battered (otherwise known as trauma). This closed off heart may not know another way to be and that is where I come in. 

I lead my therapy approach from the intention of wanting to help you express your full and authentic unique self, which involves an open and soft heart. 

My treatment goals for you will likely include: 

  • learning to become in tune with the needs of your heart and spirit
  • practicing self-sufficiency in meeting your own emotional needs or adversely learning how to be open to receiving from others
  • aligning your behaviors with your truest values
  • forming healthy and meaningful bonds with other open-hearted people

If I am speaking a language that resonates with you, then perhaps I am the therapist for you at this time. If that is the case, I am so looking forward to sharing space with you.

Love & light to you,


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