Gemma's therapy approach is simple. 

Lean into the heart. The heart knows the way. 

Meet Gemma.

"My most important job as a counselor is to consistently hold space lovingly so that my clients can feel safe enough to let down their guard, masks, and defense mechanisms. The wisdom they seek is in their own hearts and I just help them access it."

- Gemma Andaya 

Gemma Andaya is a psychotherapist who treats both mental health and substance abuse. She specializes in treating underlying unprocessed trauma that may be contributing to recurring maladaptive behaviors and thought patterns.

In addition, Gemma is a yogi (teacher & student) and infuses her therapy with mindfulness, intuition, and heart to heart dialogue.

Her therapeutic approach is wellness oriented in that she aims to provide her clients the tools and knowledge they need to:

* create flexibility mentally and emotionally

* build greater insight

* modulate emotional reactivity

* have healthier bonds with others

* build a sense of accountability and responsibility 

Get to know Gemma


"Amazing supportive therapist. I would highly recommend her for the amount of caring, passion, dedication and non-judgemental approach she has towards clients."

"Gemma is a wonderful therapist. When I first started therapy I was very distant and defensive. Gemma makes it easy and comfortable to open up those walls to a much better sense of well being. If you are looking for EMDR therapy, she is the best!"

"Gemma is an intelligent and intuitive counselor who is quick to assess information and offer valuable insights. She was able to move at my desired (rapid) pace, getting to the ‘heart of issues’ quickly, improving my life in a short period of time. A+"

"Gemma is amazing. I was blessed to find her. She has helped me work through anxiety and PTSD after surviving a very traumatic event. Anyone would be lucky to become her client."

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